Hello, my name is Qianjiao and you can also call me Amy. I am the high school student in Iroquois Ridge High School . I am a lively, cheerful, sunny, knowledgeable and interesting person.

I have many hobbies, such as playing the piano, singing and photograph. I got level 10 with my piano. I am from China and I can speak Chinese and English fluently. I am good at dealing with people and treating them with great patience. I have been featured in many major speech contests and won first place. And I've had a lot of teaching experience in China before. I have tutored many students and they have made great progress in their grades.

I have a lot of strengths, for example, I like to read a lot, so I can make people feel comfortable when I talk, and I can make a lot of very complicated knowledge simple and concrete. I love math and I have made great achievements in math. I got into the best high school in the area with a perfect score in the midterm. So I think I'm pretty good at what I do.

A lot of people think I'm great, and I certainly do. I hope my resume will add to my application for this job, and I hope you will hire me.

I think it is very honorable to be a Chinese teacher, and I think it is very necessary to spread Chinese culture. Thanks to Oakville for this opportunity, it makes more possibilities for me.












  • music

    I can singing , playing the piano and playing the guitar

  • sports

    I can play badminton and basketball

  • study

    I am good at Chinese, math, physics and music

  • life

    I can cook Chinese food


  • Iroquois Ridge High Shhool - high school

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