I have been exposed to the cryptocurrency industry since 2019, learning on my own, in the bull market, climbing, growing, and then gradually settling . From the budding of DEFI at the end of 2019, to DEFl summer, Polkadot in 2020, and then to NFT summer in 2021, Gamefi became popular, and the public chain broke out, deeply involved in the development of this round of bull market. During this period, I have accumulated a lot of project experience, written more than 20 investment research reports, more than 20 industry professional outputs, and accumulated 400+ project research experience. The understanding of this industry is also gradually transforming, hoping to continue to accumulate experience and create value to serve the blockchain industry.


  • Language Ability

    Professional English level 4, 8

    University English level 4, 6

    BEC Cambridge business English intermediate

  • Computer

    Computer secondary certificate

  • Financial certificate

    CFA level 1

    Certificate of Securities Practice

  • Other Cerificate

    Teacher Qualification Certificate High School English

Working Experience

  • ViaBTC Capital
  • ChainHill capital
  • Chainhill capital