Civil Engineering Cover Letter Example

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Civil Engineering Cover Letter Example


During my first year at Cornell University, I switched into civil engineering after embarking on a project to build a girls’ school in Sogakope, Ghana for Voices of African Mothers. I went from developing the project to co-leading forty students over the course of nearly three years, which came with a steep learning curve. Arup quickly became my favorite resource. I dove into Arup’s online publications, from Cities Alive to Arup International Development’s work with Global Program for Safer Schools. Now, as I am looking forward to a career working in the built environment, I am thrilled to be applying for a position as an Arup Graduate Structural Engineer. I am confident I can bring to Arup a strong technical background, diversity of experience in the field, and more than anything, a passion to build beautiful structures that serve their intended communities.

I have focused my civil engineering degree heavily on structural design, taking graduate-level courses in Finite Element Analysis with Applications, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, and every available structural design course. I spent a summer working as a Project Engineering Intern at Bulley & Andrews, a highly-regarded general contracting firm in Chicago, where I learned how to see a structure from all perspectives, including the owner, contractor, engineer, and architect. As an Undergraduate Researcher in Mechanics of Structural Materials and Systems Engineering, I am confident I could add value to a team of Arup engineers in an effort to advance the cutting edge of structural design.

I am looking for a career where I can work for the people, and strive for high quality projects while being empathetic and curious about those who will use the structures I help create. As an engineer at Arup, I will help push forward Arup’s mission to Shape a Better World. I am currently using what I have learned from working with Voices of African Mothers as a foundation for helping United World Schools Nepal create a more sustainable school model. I want to continue this line of work by eventually joining Arup International Development and spending my career helping Arup make every single project more sustainable and thoughtful.

I am a great fit for Arup because I am motivated by what I believe makes Arup fantastic - a responsibility to create a built environment that improves the quality of life for our communities and future communities to come. I welcome the opportunity to further discuss my interest in this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.