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Nancy Poston


A highly efficient and competent company secretary with an ability to ensure that a company complies and operates in accordance with statutory and legal provisions. Experience in attending meetings with company shareholders and the board of directors and acting as a point of communication between them. Well presented and highly personable, with a deep knowledge of corporate regulatory and company rules. Excellent organizational skills, highly efficient and methodical with a good eye for detail. Keen to find a challenging secretarial position with a successful and ambitious company that offers opportunities for career development and advancement.

Barry Deloach


A multi-skilled copywriter with good all-round writing and creative expertise. Very capable with an ability to identify and then deal with a client’s needs and then translate them into the crisp, compelling, creative, and informative copy. Experienced in providing motivation & guidance to colleagues to produce copy write for products that will have a real impact on the lives of people. Having excellent interpersonal skills, a good communicator, emotionally mature; calming, and positive temperament with an understanding disposition. Now looking for a new and challenging position, one which will make the best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my personal development.

Jessica Jones


A hardworking, conscientious, and caring counselor with extensive knowledge of offering advice, support, rehabilitation, and guidance to clients who have experienced trauma or hardship. Having a proven ability to empathize with the organization with individuals whilst retaining an objective and realistic approach to their treatment and therapy. Comfortable working and communicating with people from all backgrounds and having experience of trauma, abuse, addiction, depression, marital difficulties and child-parent conflicts. Keen to find a challenging position within an ambitious organisation where I will be able to continue to increase my work experience & develop my abilities.

Maureen Bomar

Graphics Designer

A skilled, hard-working of and capable graphics designer who has over three years of experience in designing superb visual effects and designs. Having the ability to clearly communicate design solutions and creative ideas to clients and colleagues. Possessing the required flair and extensive industry knowledge required to meet the high expectations of corporate customers.

Charlotte Foster

Software Developer

A proactive and committed individual who is highly efficient and has excellent organizational skills. Having comprehensive experience of programming and also the required relevant academic qualifications. Able to play a key role throughout the life cycle of a project and thereby ensure quality solutions meet business objectives.

William McGough

Credit controller

A competent and committed credit controller with valuable experience of working in the finance departments of major companies. Knowledge of developing, implementing, and maintaining effective and professional credit control systems. Highly focused on issues such as reviewing a companies credit control procedures and developing and implementing enhancements where required. A consistent track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency reduces operating costs whilst increasing productivity, all to tight time scales and within budget. Looking to join a reputable organization that offers excellent opportunities for progression and development.

Brenda Ellison

Customer care

A well mannered, articulate, and hardworking customer care advisor who has invaluable experience in providing a professional and efficient service to customers. Able to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and to exceed their expectation when it comes to customer care. Excellent client-facing and configuration skills and a strong team player with an appreciation and understanding of the importance of customer care as a function within a business. Ready and qualified for the next stage in my career and looking forward to making a significant contribution to the growth of an ambitious company.

John Miller

Customer services advisor

An experienced customer services executive with many years of invaluable experience working in the customer support departments of leading UK companies. Highly focused with a comprehensive knowledge of how to maintain a professional, helpful, and courteous relationship with allocated customers. Having an enthusiastic and positive attitude and working hard to ensure that customers receive an excellent level of service whilst at the same time ensuring the highest level of sales for the company. Presently looking for a customer services advisor position with a reputable company.

Maria Kelly

Data analyst

A bright, talented, and self-motivated data analyst who has excellent organizational skills, is highly efficient, and has a good eye for detail. Has extensive experience in assisting in the development and upgrading of database systems and analytical techniques. Able to play a key role in analyzing problems and come up with creative solutions as well as producing methodologies and files for effective data management. A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively. Now looking for a suitable data analyst position with an ambitious company.

Heather Sansbury

Data entry

A bright, talented, and hard-working data entry clerk with an ability to methodically and accurately input, manage, and manipulate large volumes of data. Having effective organizational skills and proficiency with administrative and practical tasks. Able to implement new effective data inputting ideas and techniques as well as understanding that data is only valuable if it is accurate, up to date and useable. An excellent communicator, who can relate well with colleagues at all levels and is able to work well as part of a team and as an individual. Now looking for a suitable data entry position with an ambitious company.