Research Position Cover Letter Example

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Research Position Cover Letter Example


I am writing to express my interest in the Summer 20xx Intern position at D. E. Shaw Research. I am a junior in the College of Engineering at Cornell University, majoring in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Business. I am very interested in how D. E. Shaw Research is using computational methods to better understand and improve the process of drug discovery.

This past summer, I interned at the Argonne National Laboratory in the Nanoscience and Technology Division where I spearheaded a project investigating catalysis on iridium oxide surfaces through theory and computational modeling. To execute this project, I first had to understand the theory behind the plane-wave density function code used to model the molecular structures which required extensive literature research on density functional theory. I then proceeded to use the computational power of the facilities at the Center of Nanoscale Material (CNM) to model out several iridium oxide surfaces. Using the models, I computed equilibrium lattice constants, k-point convergences, bulk modulus, and surface energies to analyze the accuracy of the model and understand the electrocatalytic properties. I also created several Bash and Octave scripts on my own to extract pertinent values from the output script, which greatly sped up the process of computing many of these properties and parameters. I delivered a generalized version of my scripts to my supervisor which she continues to use in her work on a similar project. From this experience, I learned the power of computational modeling for gaining insight into experimental phenomena that are not yet fully explained.

I am very interested in the work at D. E. Shaw Research and the motivation and passion behind its people. With my background in Chemical Engineering and my experience in theory and computational modeling, I am confident I can contribute positively to the efforts of the organization. I am very interested in how to model various biochemical processes, and I believe I can bring the same level of passion and motivation to D. E. Shaw Research. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.