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Devon Smith

Assistant Manager

A fully committed, capable, and confident assistant manager who possesses the required vision, ability, drive, and enthusiasm needed for successful retail management. A highly organized and consistent individual who can quickly comprehend complex managerial scenarios.Now seeking to harness over three years of practical managerial, retail, and customer service experience in a suitable leadership role.

Arnold Perkins

Assistant accountant

A confident, multi-skilled & capable assistant accountant with excellent knowledge of finance & accounting procedures. Exceptional analytical & problem-solving skills & able to provide financial information to all areas of the business whilst ensuring that all management information is accurate. Having a proven ability to drive out inefficiencies through process improvement as well as assist in the maintenance & development of financial systems and accounting procedures.

Now looking for a new &challenging accountancy position, one which will make the best use of my existing skills and experience &also further my development.

Norah Chambers

Art director

A results-driven, self-motivated and resourceful arts director with an ability to successfully translate desired moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into imagery. Experience of working in and contributing to a creative environment alongside designers, copywriters, content strategists user experience specialists, and interactive developers. Possessing the ability to see the big picture and continually develop new and inspiring approaches to a brief.

Currently looking for a new and challenging position, one which will make the best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my personal and professional development.

Keith Bradley

Administrative assistant

A highly competent, motivated, and enthusiastic administrative assistant with experience of working as part of a team in a busy office environment. Well organized and proactive in providing timely, efficient, and accurate administrative support to office managers and work colleagues. Approachable, well presented and able to establish good working relationships with a range of different people. Possessing a proven ability to generate innovative ideas and solutions to problems.

Currently looking for a suitable position with a reputable and ambitious company.

Ida Hopkins

Accounts assistant

An adaptable, resourceful, and enthusiastic accounts assistant who has extensive experience of having a wide level of general responsibility for monitoring and reconciling a companies accounts. A strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of KPI reporting and assisting in the production of monthly management accounts. Contributing extensively to teamwork and always displays a willing and helpful manner when resolving, analyzing and investigating various accounting discrepancies

.Now looking to further an already successful career by working in the finance department for an ambitious and expanding company.

Wanda Hall

Account manager

A highly motivated, confident account manager with exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills. Having extensive experience in identifying the needs of corporate customers and of running and delivering sales and marketing campaigns for key clients. Possessing a significant record of achievement in account management and able to quickly understand the mission, vision, and values of an organization.

Now looking for a new and challenging managerial or consultancy position, one which will make the best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my personal and professional development.

Wesley Stephens

First line support

A highly competent and enthusiastic First Line Support specialist with experience of providing advice and practical assistance to system users via the IT service desk telephone system and remote support software tools. Highly focused with a comprehensive understanding of dealing with 1st line support calls and in-depth knowledge of ITIL processes. Boasting a consistent & proven track record of successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs whilst increasing performance.

Now looking for a suitable position with an ambitious & exciting company.

Joe Miller

Database administrator

An experienced IT professional with database & Unix administration skills across both Oracle and MS SQL. Having the ability to take the technical lead in projects and supporting technical implementation whilst working on multiple products. Currently working in a demanding production support environment managing large volumes of business-critical data. A committed team player, self-motivated with the ability to communicate at all levels.

Presently looking for a suitable database administrator position with a responsible company.

Heather Sansbury

Data entry

A bright, talented, and hard-working data entry clerk with an ability to methodically and accurately input, manage, and manipulate large volumes of data. Having effective organizational skills and proficiency with administrative and practical tasks. Able to implement new effective data inputting ideas and techniques as well as understanding that data is only valuable if it is accurate, up to date and useable. An excellent communicator, who can relate well with colleagues at all levels and is able to work well as part of a team and as an individual.

Now looking for a suitable data entry position with an ambitious company.

Maria Kelly

Data analyst

A bright, talented, and self-motivated data analyst who has excellent organizational skills, is highly efficient, and has a good eye for detail. Has extensive experience in assisting in the development and upgrading of database systems and analytical techniques. Able to play a key role in analyzing problems and come up with creative solutions as well as producing methodologies and files for effective data management. A quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively.

Now looking for a suitable data analyst position with an ambitious company.