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Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel

Expert Fullstack Software Developer

An expert** Full-stack software developer **with **9+ years of specializing **in **JavaScript **stack (including Nodejs, ReactJs, and Angular) and worked with JavaEE, PHP, elixir, CSS, DevOps, AWS, GCP, Azure, Pipelines, Docker, Design, databases, and more... Created alone two projects (startups) as a full stack project maker (Founder, Developer, marketer, and designer) with more than 1000000 users. > My power is the ability to make a professional, high-performance, Search engine optimized, and well-designed web App from scratch to the final product by doing/leading/contributing in all phases.

Daney Mil

Digital Marketing Specialist

A** Full-stack web developer **with **more than 6 years of experience **who is specialized in the **JavaScript **Full-stack (including Nodejs, Reactjs, and Angular) and worked with JavaEE, PHP, elixir, CSS, and databases. > **My power is the ability to make a complete professional, high performance, SEO optimized, and well-designed web App from scratch to the final product by doing/contributing in all phases.**

Ahmed Essam Mohamed


Passant Ahmed Nofel

Team Lead Full Stack Developer

I envision a career in YOUR Company where a challenging rewarding position utilizes my knowledge and experience in the field of software engineering. In it I would enhance my prospects and achieve my career goals and enriched towards the growth of organization.

Ahmed Gamal Fouad

Programmer and artist

Programmer and artist, interested in everything related to game development. Big fan of creativity and entertainment design. And my goal is to develop digital games that exceed the limits.

Mustafa A. Abdallah

Research Assistant

Ali Ibrahim Kamel

Senior Accounts Receivable Accountant



Mohamed Assem

Senior Android Developer

I am Android developer +5 years experience developing android apps . I want to be part of the success in an environment of growth and excellence. Adapt at multitasking to achieve individual and team goals.

Romany Saber Labeeb

Software Engineer

Alia Qassem

Software Engineer

mido kam

mido kam



Hafsa Ahmed

Business Administration

Mahmoud Muhammed abdulrahim

Electrical Maintenance engineer

Effat Hassan

Computer and Communications student

Mohamed Amr Abuelhassan

Software Engineer

Software engineer focusing mainly on web development

Ahmed Omar

Senior Backend Developer

- Worked successfully in a multicultural environment. - Hands-on experience in software development and implementation of enterprise solutions. - Worked as a member of the multinational team with Nokia and CrossWorkers companies. - Mastered a great experience of making good communication with my clients. - Managed to follow software development approaches to create high-performance, testable, and scalable software. - Managed to make my coding follows SOLID principles and the best practices of testing techniques and follow the TDD. - Managed to drive best practice, architectural awareness initiatives. - Discussed with customers to align technology to their business opportunities and needs. - Maintained the integrity and consistency of the solution over the whole project lifecycle. - Advised to provide support during the first phase of implementation and the low-level design of the solution. - Developed my skills to implement software design using new web structures, such as message queuing, caching, and RESTful APIs. - Arranged to improve my technical skills through online courses, and reading books.


UX Designer

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Mostafa Adel Sadek

Senior Java Developer



Senior Java Dev

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Ahmed Sherif

Full-stack .Net Developer




Amr Ibrahim Mohamed Elhawat


Ahmed Abdelrahman

Software Engineer

Mayada Ibrahim Elhawat

Lawyer - Fresh Graduate

Yasmin khedr

Visual Designer-Marketing Specialist

MIU Mass Communication Graduate with a bachelor degree of Integerated Marketing Communication, having experience with creating creative & unique print and online designs along with branding and identity for the clients. Passionate about creating creative marketing strategies and campaigns. I'm eager to take on new challenges to benefit my career path and seeks to learn and understand more about the marketing and designing world. ​ Behance Profile: []( Also you may find some of my latest work that's not yet updated on my portfolio. ​

Ahmed Maged Ahmed Menessy

Fresh graduate



Nadine Essam Mosalam

UI & UX Designer

I’m a keen UI/UX designer with honed interpersonal, problem solving and analytical abilities. I'm looking for new challenging opportunities to express my talent at design and grow.

Zeyad Etman


ahmed sabet

senior quality control engineer

Mohamed Aly

Technical Solution Manager

Talented ICT expert with extensive Telecom and Software experience. Experienced Project/Prog Manager, Solution Architect, and Technical Sales. Experienced in several telecom technologies and E2E architecture (2G/3G/4G, LET, IMS, IN, VoLTE/VoWifi, OSS, BSS, Cloud, XaaS). Lead Agile software projects, offering technical leadership from initial concept through E2E delivery. Exceptional customer facing skills with technical and CXO levels.

Ahmed abd Elrahman Elngar


Working in a strong, united, learned team is the way to get to the top

Ibrahim Abd-Alrhman Elnagar

Sales Supervisor

Ibrahim Abd-Alrhman , I've been in the sales field since 14 years ,i'm used to making deals easily, I'm team leader who prefer teamwork spirit more than any thing.


Tourism Manager

I learned the skills and knowledges in the hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors. I developed communication skills, and understanding of customer service needs and international markets practices.

Tarek Medhat Tharwat

UI Designer & Front End Web Developer

As a UI Designer and Front End Developer, my goal is to win over customers with beautiful and intuitive designs. Naturally, not everyone will become your customer but bad UI will make some people not even consider you as an option! there are certain things you can expect from me going forward. I meet deadlines. A successful product launch can do wonders... as the saying goes "A good start is half the battle" -I will do competitor research to see what your competitors are doing right now. Most importantly, I will search for areas where you can add more value to win over more customers. I will deliver beautiful web and mobile designs. Every project I take up is my personal challenge. I use an individual approach and put forth my creativity to find a perfect professional solution, I love what I do, and I use my skills to make people enjoy dealing with my sites

Abdullah Ramadan

Full-Stack Designer

hello i'm **Abdullah Ramadan**, a **Full-Stack Designer** with Experience **10+y** in Web Designing from Egypt married with a 1y old kid and leader of small developers team, and my current position is Head of development department in my current job, i work for myself and others teams and agencies that required a skilled and full aware user-interface developer that can plan and design and execute any project to achieve its purpose.

Mohab Mamdouh

Backend Developer Laravel

PHP (Laravel) programmer, interested in developing and improving highly-scalable Websites and software.

badr mohammed mohammed ahmed

web developer

i am fresh graduate,Bachelor’s degree , a challenge seeker, Always trying and learning new technology, Approaching new fields, Working on various types of projects. Well known scrum methodology, understanding system life cycle ,familiar with MVC, Ability to learn new things

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Seada

.Net MVC 5 & Core 3.1 Developer & Angular

Skilled MVC 5 & MVC Core 3.1 Developer Skills : c# , OOP , Asp.Net MVC 5 , Asp.Net Core 3.1 , Angular 7 Had A bachelor in Computer Science. Had Certification in .Net Development Field. And I'm Having A lot of fun while programming no matter what ever project size is

Mohamed Ahmed Gomaa

Fresh Graduated

Ayman Abd El-Hadi Mohamed

Python Full Stack Developer

Farah maged elshaboury

undergraduate student

An undergraduate IMC student at The British University in Egypt who's passionate about creating creative marketing strategies and campaigns. I'm also a strong believer in taking new challenges to benefit my career path and seeks to learn more and understand about the marketing world.



28 years old Egyptian full stack web developer who specialized in the JavaScript Full-stack and worked with JavaEE, PHP, elixir, CSS, databases, All Details in



28 years old Egyptian full stack web developer who specialized in the JavaScript Full-stack and worked with JavaEE, PHP, elixir, CSS, databases, All Details in

Akingbade Ayobami

Software Engineer

I am a software engineer with 4 years experience

Habiba Fazal