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Aya .y. mekawy

sales specialist

I've been working on sales field since 2013

Aya Ismail Fathy


Dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of generating andbuilding relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, designingeducational strategies, and coaching individuals to success. Skilled in buildingcross-functional teams, demonstrating exceptional communication skills, andmaking critical decisions during challenges. Adaptable and transformationalleader with an ability to work independently, creating effective presentations, anddeveloping opportunities that further establish organizational goals.

Ahmed magdy

Mechanical Engineer

Power Mechanical Engineer with 6 years of experience. Seeking for a job in a reputable organization to improve my skills

Ahmed Abdelaty


Mostafa sadik

Chain manager at Mahmoud Negm's pharmacy chain

Shehab Khalil ibrahim Morgan


My name is shehab morgan , I am twenty two years old , a gap year student in Elgazira academy. I have a wide experience in sales filed also i worked as a teamleader in Trapped Egypt for one year.

Reham Hatem


Hamed Allam

Computer Science Student

Volodymyr Kostiuk


Saffa Mohamed Mohamed Fahmy

Public Relations

Mohamed Kamel

Software Developer

28 years old Egyptian full stack web developer who specialized in the JavaScript Full-stack and worked with JavaEE, PHP, elixir, CSS, databases, All Details in

Mohamed Kamel in CV2

Software Developer

28 years old Egyptian full stack web developer who specialized in the JavaScript Full-stack and worked with JavaEE, PHP, elixir, CSS, databases, All Details in

ahmed elsaey


Graduated from Ain Shams University - Faculty of Law . MMA Fighter . Won 2 AUFC Championship . Worked As MMA Trainer at Hulk Gym .

Mohamed Kamel

Software developer

28 years old Egyptian full stack web developer who specialized in the JavaScript Full-stack and worked with JavaEE, PHP, elixir, CSS, databases, All Details in

sam c

digital marketing

seng choy chin


WordPress Design I design super cool websites in WordPress CMS ( with custom design php+css code ). It’s about creating something that your audience will undoubtedly impress. It should look great, yes, but it should work great too. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Graphic Design + other visuals design I love arts. I draw any type of human figure, poses, action, visuals, bla bla bla (you get the picture). Visual and graphics goes hand in hand. As the old saying goes "First impression counts, and its appearance!" What better way to express yourself and your business's nature than to display better graphics and visuals ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3D Architecture This is a new venture for me. I recently delve into 3D architecture and all its splendors. It gives me great insight on how 3D and also other element that requires to make a photo-realistic 3D design. Not yet to the Avengers-level of 3D rendering, but getting there...

Furkan Çayır



brian rountree

self employed

I'm Brian Rountree I’m an experienced technology leader, web developer, illustrator and motion graphic designer. I am passionate about product development, people, teams, developer happiness, data visualization and mentoring people. I like to build for the web and make things beautiful as well as functional. Experienced technical leader, obsessed with developer happiness and creating healthy, inclusive and high performing teams. Cross functional leadership experience across Engineering, UX, Product Management, Developer Relations and Ops. Deep knowledge and hands on experience with large scale web, complex web applications, IaaS and PaaS through OpenStack and Cloud Foundry. Experience building some of the largest consumer web properties in the world as well as some of the largest and most complex infrastructure deployments.

Andrew Prickett

freelance SEO

Oscar Brolin



Mohammed Haashir

User Experience Designer & Project Manager

A fiercely committed learner, UI/UX designer and an Engineer with a beginner’s mindset and an internship experience from two startups in India - Propo and ADU Academy. I have educated myself mostly through my own side-projects, freelance projects, and workshops that I have delivered. I run a YouTuber channel where I teach people how to develop any kind of digital application without code. I graduated with an Engineering degree in Computer Science from B.S. Abdur Rahman University & about to graduate with a Masters's degree in User Experience Design & IT Architecture. When I'm not running or at School, I lead the development team at Femargent, inc in creating, maintaining and deploying its iOS app.

Harshal Patel

Creative Designer

This is Harshal, Who is not passionate about design but obsessed with the designing that changed my perspective of seeing things being with engineering background that always excites me to solve the problem.

Samir Nanda

Senior Lead

Senior Project Lead with 12 yrs experience in managing delivery of Software projects

Nico Stam

Product developer

Rigley Costa

Consultor de Vendas

Rifqi Fadhlurrakhman

Product Specialist & Experience Designer

A hybrid product manager and experience designer. Supported with 3+ years demonstrated experience in designing physical and digital products, developing a go-to-market strategy, and developing service blueprint for a different kind of product. I also have experience in assisting corporate clients across industry sectors to uncover and solve organizational knowledge gaps through Human-Centered Design approach.

Ariel Okhtenberg


Experienced Freelance Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Affinity Designer, Photoshop, Logo Design, and Web Development. Strong arts and design professional with an Economics major from New York University.

Jazab C.

Full Stack Software Developer

Shannon K Byrne

Digital Marketing Manager

Driven life-long learning enthusiast seeking company to call home. With 10 years of expert client rapport & relationship building, 6 years of graphic design, 4 years web development, 5 yrs providing career/life coaching, along with a firey passion for innovation I have the diverse yet in depth skill set thats right for your company.

Ahmed Elsayed Mostafa Atya Safan


I am 5th year medical student equipped with proof reading and writing skills i can help in translation, transcription and content writing making the word display the wright meaning it holds consider having a high quality output

Muhamed muhamed El gharabawi

Sales specialist

i used to work as sales specialist since 2015 i soled service like marketing camping's and communication service .

Abdurrahman Nasr

Software architect

Software architect and associate professor with 10+ years of experience in software development. Polyglot software engineer with DevOps skills, and different enterprise architecture falling from monolith down to micro & nano-services.

Noha Wagih


Nouran Gamal Allam


Seeking a challenging position where my educational, and communication skills can be further enhanced within an active working environment and being an active participant in the company’s success.

Kareem El Maghraby

QA Engineer

ahmed ziada

Senior Solar Engineer

Senior Solar Engineer with more than 6 years of experience between site supervision, designing, and business development proudly to say that I have designed over 500 MWp, Install 20 MW, and close around 20 MW of solar deals.

A-Rahman Rashed

Software Engineer

Computer science and technology enthusiast, curious and passionate-driven when it comes to new technology stacks and software development's best practices. Currently interested in reactive systems and highly-scalable applications.

Mohamed Ali

Front end developer

I am a creative, artistic and ambitious Front end developer with a talent for thinking outside the box

Eylon Aviv

Project manager

A creative self starter with vast experience in planning, executing, communicating complex systems and products while collaborating within and outside the organization. I am knowledgeable in a verity of topics and disciplinaries, from product management and architecture design to marketing campaigns, content, and high level presentations. I'm highly passionate about security, privacy and the promise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.



28 years old Egyptian full stack web developer who specialized in the JavaScript Full-stack and worked with JavaEE, PHP, elixir, CSS, databases, All Details in

Mohamed abdelfadil

Expert 1

Seeking a challenging career with a progressive organization that provides an opportunity to capitalize my technical skills & abilities in the field of Petroleum Engineering

Danallenn May Rinon



Sales Co-Ordinator

Hadeer Muhammad

Marketing Expert

I've been working as marketing expert for five years on cosmetics marketing campaigns

Adrian Alexandru

Chief Marketing Officer

Ahmed Ragab Elbastawesy

Senior Java Developer


Ahmed Farrag

Front-end & UI Developer

I'm a Front-end/UI developer who is skilled in developing responsive websites using the following: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS, Javascript/ES6/OOP, Reactjs, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, GIT & Github. Short-term study plan: Design patterns, Data structures, Nodejs, Express, MongoDB. Long-term study plan: I'm planning to be proficient in the software industry and -generally- computer science, so my Long-term study plan is the computer science path published by the OSSU team. It's a career shift and I understand what this means, I have a passive income and I'm willing to focus on learning, listening to the advice, improving my skills, and participating in something great more than anything else.

Ahmed Abulhassan


Translator from English into Arabic and vice versa, in legal and General translation - I have an experience for 2 years.